A Chat With Pat

Join us for a chat about our school community. You can email your questions to our Parent Coordinator at msantosrod@schools.nyc.gov

Notes from PS178 Testing Meeting Grades 3-5 April 12

Notes from a Chat with Pat - February 11, 2021

Chats with Pat February 11, 2021 /11 de febrero Agenda

  • Symphony Space enrichment art program (March – May) o Grades K – 2 Visual Arts Story Telling
    - Grades 3 – 5 Visual Arts Theater Stories

  • School Closure ( 2 or more unrelated cases)


  • Parents not following social distance during arrival / dismissal
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences March 4, 2021 (students dismissed at 11:00 am) o Conferences will take place remotely.

Group Chat

  • Transition to remote instruction was smooth

  • Will parents have the option of receiving letter or number grades on report cards?

Notes from a Chat with Pat - February 4, 2021



  • Update on art program

  • School Experience Survey


  • Random testing
  • Contact main office if traveled or have plans to travel
  • Social distance during arrival and dismissal – parents
  • Remote instruction only an option for quarantine students

Group Chat

  • Somos agency not contacting parents to provide test results

  • I.A. Principal going through C-30 process, a Chancellor’s regulation that governs the selection and appointment of all administrators in schools.

Notes from a Chat with Pat - January 21, 2021


  • Class closure due to positive case

  • Letters from The Situation Room

  • D6 STEAM initiative for grade 3 students

  • Technology workshops for parents

Group Chat

  • Parents want to know why the students are bringing back home all learning materials.  We want students to have learning materials in case we have to go remote on a

    short notice.

  • How is the test done?

    The test is “soft” swab collection of the nasal walls of the nostrils. There is little to non- discomfort for the students.

  • Do parents receive information if the child’s teacher tests positive?
    No. HIPPA laws prohibit sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without the patient consent (adults or students).

  • When does the school close?
    • If two or more unrelated cases are identified in the school building.

Notes from a Chat with Pat - January 28, 2021


  • School closure – 2 unrelated cases

  • Art teacher on medical leave. We are looking for alternatives to continue art instruction

  • Fall 2020 School Experience Survey

Group Chat

  • Can the music teacher have his own Google classroom?
    • The music teacher is not a DOE teacher; therefore, he does not have a Google classroom. This week the community had connectivity issues, not related to our school only (or the music teacher).
  • Parents would like information about community organizations that provide after- school activities.

  • Parents concerned about too many classes or schedule changes.

    • Schedules have recently changed to accommodate 5-day instruction. In addition, if a teacher has to quarantine or has medical accommodations we need to adjust classes and/or schedules.

  • Parents are concerned about keeping track of what students are doing online, instead of login in to their classes.

  • Do students receive a grade for iReady?

No, students do not receive a grade for iReady. It is an assessment that guides instruction and supplemental support at their level.

Notes from a Chat with Pat - January 14. 2021


  • All classrooms now have air purifiers (added safety feature)

  • Random Covid-19 testing on 1/12. Agency will contact families (text, email or call) within 2-3 days. Parent hotline 646-614-3028

  • Kindergarten Virtual Tour today at 6:00pm

  • Parent workshop by PC, on NYC School Account – Friday, January 22, 2021@ 10:00am

  • Middle school application is now open

Group Chat

  • Can Parents be informed prior to random testing?

    • Unfortunately, the school is given only 1-day notice. We stay with our students during testing to ensure they feel safe and comfortable during the test.

  • Does the school get many kindergarten applications?

    • Our waiting lists are usually over one hundred applicants.

  • Families will be provided with new class schedules as our classes have recently

  • Changed due to 5-day in-person instruction.

Notes from a Chat with Pat - January 7, 2021


•       Weekly Covid-19 Random testing – 20% of school population

•       Following safety guidelines – social distance for arrival and dismissal

•       Covid-19 No-intervention letters

•       The Situation Room – All cases are called in

•       PS 178 website will be updated soon

Group Chat:

•       Classroom seating- All students are seating 6 ft. apart. Each room has maximum capacity of people to follow social distance.

•       Mask-breaks - Students in all grades go out at least once a day for fresh air and have mask-breaks during the day as needed.

•       Recess: Currently, students are not going outside for recess.  We are looking for other options and independent activities for students.  

•       Physical Therapy will be provided remotely to in-person students.

Notes from a Chat with Pat - December 23, 2020


•       Blended Learning groups will attend 5 days a week beginning January 4, 2021. (grades 4 & 5 started December 21, 2020)

•       Enrichment classes, physical education, art and music will continue to be remotely. In-person teachers will facilitate instruction.

•       Covid-19 weekly random testing continues for all students and staff (except Kindergarten students).

•       Test results are available through the NYC School Account; additionally, the testing agency, Bio Lab will contact families via email or phone call. 


•       Additional information in needed on physical therapy provided to in-person students. 

•       There is concern about safety during lunch, when students are not wearing PPE and are most vulnerable. 

•       Not all families are being contacted with Covid-19 test results