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P.S. 178 is located in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan.  This Kindergarten through fifth grade school is a community of learners, encompassing children, staff and parents.  We take pride in our diversity and strive to embrace a social compact of respect and acceptance.  We are committed to an ethnically diverse student population, and heterogeneous grouping of children in a child centered, safe and supportive environment. Encouraging children to become self-directed, independent learners. We embrace dynamic curricula where both innovative and proven teaching methods are valued.

Classroom Environment + School Facilities


Each classroom at P.S. 178 is filled with opportunities for learning. Bright and warm, print-rich environments, with child-friendly charts, and clearly listed goals and expectations are just a few of the things you will see in each classroom. The halls are regularly filled with student work, creatively displayed throughout the school and within each classroom. 

School Library

Every classroom at P.S. 178 has a full library. Additionally, our school library hosts classes to come in and borrow a book.

School Cafeteria

The school is equipped with a large, bright, and clean cafeteria. Students are served a hot breakfast from 8:00-8:30 am every morning, and a hot or cold lunch during lunch time. The cafeteria is surrounded by brightly colored walls and a beautiful mural. Lunch is supervised by lunch aides during each lunch period.


Each floor of the school has a boys, girls, and staff bathroom. Kindergarten classrooms each have their own bathroom located inside the room.