School Policies


We ask that all families wishing to celebrate their child's birthday at school, please contact their child's teacher.  They will help you set up a date and time that works within the class schedule. 

  • Parents who wish to have the party at school, must bring in ALL necessary supplies with them (ie. plates, napkins, cups, utensils, candle, etc.).

  • P.S. 178 does not allow outside entertainers (such as clowns), candies in goody bags, and would also prefer to not have balloons or anything that will overly distract other students within the school.

  • Also as a reminder, we try to be as healthy as possible at P.S. 178, so healthy alternatives are ALWAYS welcome!


Homework has always been recognized by the school community as an important medium to foster the academic achievement of students and to extend school activities into the home and community.  Homework assignments contribute significantly to the improvement of the achievement level and interest in the learning of all students. According to Chancellor's Regulations B-601, homework assignments should be given on a daily basis in accordance with minimum time allotments.

The Kindergarten-Grade 2 homework policy is: 



For 3rd-5th grade the homework policy is: 


Many important notices or forms go home with your child in their homework folders or binders regularly and it is very important that parents check them on a daily basis. Homework folders  should be sent to school with your child each morning. 

Parental Involvement

Parents are always encouraged to be involved in their child's education at P.S. 178. Teachers provide numerous opportunities throughout the year for parents to come in and join the class. Here are some of the ways to be engaged:

  • Sign up for the parent mailing list at the bottom of this page or contact PS 178 directly to ensure your contact information is up to date.

  • Join the Parent Association meetings

  • Ask your teacher what kind of helpful jobs you can do either at school or from home (ie. cut things out, rip pages out of books, staple pages together, etc.)

Field Trips


All families will be notified in advance of any field trip their child's class will be going on.  On most trips, students leave the building at 9:30am and return no later than 1:30pm and usually need to have a bagged lunch with them to eat during the trip.


For many field trips, payment by the school has to be made in advance of the actual date of the trip. If your child's field trip costs money, please send it in as soon as possible in order to allow teachers to pay in advance. 


Please be sure to write your child's name and class number on the top of the permission form and include an emergency contact name/number and SIGN the bottom of the permission form. 


Teachers love to have parent volunteers join them on trips, but it is important to let your child's teacher know if you are available to come in advance. Teachers take parent volunteers on trips as "extra hands and eyes" in order to help watch the students. If you are asked to join your child's class on the trip, you are responsible for being a good role model to the students and for helping the classroom teacher with the entire class and not just your child.